AFTERNOON TEA Host an afternoon tea at home, work or a local venue. Contact us for your pack including invites, posters and charity information.

BAKE SALE Host a bake sale at work, school or your local club/church. Contact us for your pack including posters and charity information.

BIKE RIDE Put on a cycling event and charge people to enter. In keeping with our theme, set the distance 20km or 12.5 miles!  Contact us for information on how to get fundraising.

BRING 'N BUY Organise a ‘bring and buy’ sale at your local community centre and charge a seller’s fee. Contact us for customised material.

COFFEE MORNING Host a coffee morning at work or your local social club. Our information pack will give you everything you need to host a successful fundraiser. Contact us.

COMPANY MATCHED GIVING Ask your work place about matched giving. Whatever you donate to NEEDS Africa could be matched by your employer! Find out more here.

DINNER PARTY Hold a dinner party and invite guests to pay what they think the meal is worth. Or maybe organise a safari supper where you go to a different house for each course? Again, everyone pays what they think the course is worth. Contact us so we can send you our information pack.

FUN RUN Host your own fun run in your local park. Everyone pays to enter. Contact us for more information.

GAMES NIGHT How about a good old fashioned games night? Invitees pay to play. From Monopoly to Trivial Pursuit, cards to charades, you’re guaranteed a night of fun. Supply drinks and snacks at a price and you’ll raise even more funds. You can provide a small prize for the winner, or they can suffice with bragging rights! Contact us for a customised invite to email or text to friends.

KARAOKE NIGHT Invite friends over for a night of karaoke! Charge an entrance fee and provide drinks and snacks as well. You don’t need a karaoke system to have fun – check Youtube for free karaoke versions of popular songs. Contact us for a customised invite to email or text to friends.​

MAKE THE TEA Make the tea all day at work for colleagues – for a fee of course! Contact us for our customised coupon to hand out.

MILE OF COINS Perfect for schools. Ask for donations in coins and see how long a line it will make. Contact us for your information pack.

MOVIE NIGHT Host a movie night at home! Invite some friends over and charge them an entrance fee and for snacks. We’ve designed a poster and leaflets to make it easier for you – contact us.

PAMPER NIGHT Partner up with a friend to host a paid pamper night for friends. It can be as simple as providing face masks and painting nails. Provide a glass of wine and snacks to make the night even more fun. Contact us for a customised invite to email or text to friends.

QUIZ NIGHT Host a quiz night at your local pub, or in your home. Contact us for more information.

SOCIAL MEDIA Share a selfie with our hashtag #needsafrica and donate £5. Then nominate friends to do the same.

SWEEPSTAKES Exciting sporting event coming up? Hold a sweepstakes to guess the winner. It could be anything from The Grand National to Wimbledon.  Charge people to enter and the winner gets a prize or percentage of the takings. Contact us for information to get you started.

SWEET SHOP Satisfy everyone’s sweet tooth by hosting a sweet shop for the day at work, school or a local venue like the library, club or church. Contact us for customised material.

SWIM-A-THON Get sponsored to swim a distance of your choice – or make it a group fundraiser by swimming with friends. Contact us for customised material.

TAKE A GUESS! A simple idea for work or school. Here’s some suggestions:

  • Come up with a name for a fluffy toy and charge people to guess the name.

  • Bring in a jar of sweets and charge everyone to enter their guess for how many are in the jar.


The winner gets to keep the prize. Contact us for the material you need to get started.

VIDEO GAME NIGHT Host a ‘pay to play’ gaming night with your friends. Provide snacks for a price as well to raise even more money. We’ve made an invite you can customise and email or text to friends – contact us.